Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Splash

Summer has come and gone so quickly. I just cannot believe I only have 13 more days of vacation time. I went by school today and my temporary room is not ready to be set up. I have no idea what they are planning and how they will get us back in with 1300 students. It's beyond comprehension. I will be in the wrestling room until my room is ready. NO clue how long that will be. But I will continue to take it one day at a time and enjoy the flowers.
By the way, The August Bag of the Month for the Bag-a-holic Yahoo group is my design. I really hope they like it and I was thinking of trying a felted version of it too. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stop, smell the flowers.

My daughter's mother in law just reminded me that things happen for a reason. At this time we may not know what that reason is but in the end it should work out and we shall know why. I know I think too much. I am a fixer and I cannot handle NOT having control over my life, and then I think of Annie Modesitt and I realize that at least Dan and I have each other and our health to get thru this stage of our lives. We have our children and grandchildren around us. So we are very lucky. I have to keep in mind how lucky we are. We take things one day at a time and we have learned to value the little things in life. I went for a walk yesterday and discovered all the wildflowers that I had not noticed before. And I have found time to work on patterns and just knit for pleasure. Knitting always takes me to another zone. It's cheaper than therapy.

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