Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where did January Go?

Where do I start? I just wonder over and over where time goes. How did it pass me by?

I have just got to get a grip on it. After my last post, my grandmother passed away so I went home (overseas) and returned a week ago. It was a sad, and difficult time but it was nice to have alone time with my brothers and parents. I can say she brought us all closer together. We live all over the world and it's not often we spend quality time together. Upon my return to work I had to jump into the Accreditation process for our school. The QAR Team Visit to our school was last week and to top it off I am co-chair of the steering committee. Talk about crazy and hectic, I am just thankful that we had done most of the data collection and leg work before Christmas. It went well and we received a full accreditation. Nice and rewarding for every ones hard work.

As for the knitting obsession. I took a couple baby hat projects with me and my constant companion was Kristin Knits.

I started the fingerless flower gloves using a combination of Knit Picks in a variety of colors. We shall see how it turns out. I couldn't find Julia Yarn anywhere in my area so I decided to experiment with what I had on hand. So far they feel nice. I will give more details when they are finished. The picture is a little dark, I will take a better one later.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year's Eve and that it continues in 2008. We had a nice evening with our grandchildren, daughters and their husbands and fiancee, as well as daughter's X and his new girlfriend. My best friend and her husband and daughter came by and we just enjoyed the company. I didn't intentionally overlook daughter's X thing. It's our belief that we need to keep things stable for our grandsons. Strange to those looking in but important to our little angels.

I feel that I did make progress in my resolutions last year, even though our lives spiraled out of control and we had no say or any control over it. So we have decided to start fresh and to move forward without forgetting the events of 2007 but looking forward to a new life.

As for my personal life, I resolve to:

  • Not worry so much about the kids(by the way they are all in their mid 20's). They have all turned out great and they will be fine.
  • To focus my life on hubby and I and moving forward and walking into a bright future.
  • To re-evaluate my career. I worry about my students as I do my own children. I love my job is draining and stressful.
  • Plan and work on completing my MA.

As for my business, I resolve to:

  • Blog once a week. It helps me to work thru my thoughts and ideas.
  • Write and submit my patterns to magazines for publication.
  • Which means NEW DESIGNS for the gallery and etsy.

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