Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grandbaby #4 On The Way!

Daughter #3 is 5 months pregnant with Grand baby #4. We still don't know if it's a boy or girl but as sick as she has been, I tell her it's a girl because I have earned the right to have a granddaughter, I already have 3 grandsons.
It's an old tale from the Caribbean that girls give you a hard time during the pregnancy. She has been in the hospital 3 times for pregnancy related emergencies. And this has not been a first timers overreaction, it's been serious. She can't hold anything done without the help of a very expensive drug used for cancer patients. Her insurance won't pay for more than 24 pills a month because it's not meant for pregnancy but for chemo patients, and it order to keep food down she has to take 2-3 pills a day. When she doesn't have any left she is totally dehydrated and ends up passed out and in the hospital for dehydration. She was home and was able to call me before she passed out in her bathroom. Her Dr. contacted the insurance company and they won't budge. He wrote a letter to the insurance with his medical concerns for her and the baby.
So they prefer to pay for her hospital stay or 3-4 days to stabilize her. I don't get it, but Hubby and I are very frustrated and angry. We've actually paid full price for several of her prescriptions $343.99 for 12 pills to help her.
This is her first baby so it's been extremely hard to focus on the joy of her pregnancy. I have been knitting neutral color hats and booties and scratch mitts to get her inspired. When we go to the hospital or emergency room I take my knitting just to pick her up. I taught her to knit and got her a blanket pattern but unfortunately she hasn't been inspired and I understand. Every time she comes over she looks at what I have made. She showed the wash cloths to the big Football Player and he wanted to know if I was going to rub his child's skin off. He didn't realize how soft it was.So I know deep down it's working for her because she looks to see what is new.

I haven't used pink yet, because I know that if it's a boy the football player will not allow us to use anything pink on a baby boy, but teal and yellow will be OK for a girl or boy.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've joined Kristin Knits KAL and Knitting New Scarves KAL. I don't join often but these are tow artists that whose work I admire. I am enjoying them very much. Teaching takes up alot of time and it's a nice break to follow someone else's pattern. I've designed a new pair of fingerless gloves for my mother and knitted a few baby hats for daughter #2 but I have not had the time to write the patterns. I better get on it.

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