Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cotton Swap

Sandra and I met yesterday in Indy and swapped. We had a really nice time. We went to Mass Ave. Knits and Broadripple Knits and then had lunch. It was great to meet her. Here is a picture of my loot. I love it! My own Ravelry Bag, and 10 skeins of Garn Studio Muskat soft yarn. Love it! And souvenirs from Sweeden: Chocolate(um um good, Sweedish Moose Keychain, Sheep Keychain, A really neat stitch holder, knitting marking pins, and point protectors. I've already been looking at patterns to figure out what I wanted to make. Thanks Sandra, it was great to meet you!


OpenID sandykins57 said...

It was so great to meet you, too! I had a really great time. Thanks so much for your company and for lunch. Tell S that I said "Hello!"olgbef

6:00 PM  

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