Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Skulls & Crossbones

This piece was created for a dear friends daughter, it was for her birthday last week. I couldn't get motivated with the skulls and crossbones. But I decided it was something she liked and I better get with the program. I used her school colors and I think it turned out nice. Now my daughter wants me to make her one in brown and pink. At least they are colors I can deal with.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I don't like rollercoasters! You go up and down, in circles and upside down and you have absolutely no control over anything. That is what my rollercoaster is doing right now.
It is turning my life upside down and inside out, and it will not stop. I can't even say that the ride will end soon, and I need to take it one day at a time, because I don't believe it anymore.
At least I have one less thing to worry about. School is out, today was my student's last day. I just have to finish entering grades and packing up to move again this year. This time I move to the 2nd floor over the gym. They said construction should be done in Nov. We have all been so busy that the end of the school year just snuck up on us. I don't think anyone was ready for it. We needed it and wanted it but it hit like a tornado.
Tomorrow is another day and I can try to slow down. Oppss! That is wrong, I still have to move my classroom, and graduation is tomorrow so maybe after Wednesday. One day at a time!
To end this post on a positive note. I finished my second sock. So I finally made a pair. I did start another one so that I could get the technique down.
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