Sunday, June 29, 2008

Charity Knitting

Itty-Bitty Raverly Group Charity for June is the Preemie Project for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.
Any time I have a second I try to knit a preemie hat. I plan on mailing them to our Hostess by Tuesday. This project is dear to me since I have used the services of the Hospital for my grandson who was born with Club Feet. My family and I drove to Iowa for my his treatments. His first visit to Dr. Ponseti was when he was 10 days old,and he will be 7 years old in August. It was a difficult time and now I can barely remember the stress. Yesterday I went to his last tee-ball game. I've watched him play soccer, run the bases, and he has speed and even though it was a great sacrifice to make these trips weekly, it is worth it.


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