Saturday, April 19, 2008

Knitting for Baby

It's a girl! I can't stop saying it. My three grandsons are going to turn her into a tomboy. Which is not bad. I was one and so were my daughters. Update on my aun, she is a strong woman, I hope our new baby is as strong as she is. She has had a rough couple of weeks with daily transfusions, chemo and all of the poking and proding that go along with this disease as well being inactive. The staff at the hospital have been good to her and her spirits are high. When we visit we have to wear masks because her defense is completely down. I've stayed away because I don't want to bring in all the germs from school. I finished her hat and will post a finished picture later. Her hair hasn't fallen out so that is good and the Doctors are very impressed with her strength.
I have been struggling with the flower pacifier from itty-bitty nursery. I can't seem to get the petals right. I don't mind the way they look but it's not what the patter calls for. I posted a message on the itty-bitty group on ravelry hoping someone will guide me.
In the meantime I just decided to make another type of daisy from nicky epstein's flower book and that is turning out great. I will post pictures of that later.
We are going to have a hectic weekend. I work at the gallery till 2:30 today.Our son is moving to Arizona with his girlfriend and we are meeting her family at 3:00 today. We are having a going away get together. We decided to do it at my in-laws because we feel it is hard to do it here with what my aunt is going through. Then I am helping with a papermaking workshop at the gallery so I have to get my tables down there after tonight. So maybe sometime in there I can find time to knit and do laundry. hum...maybe in my sleep tonight.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

UFOs and progress

This is an UFO that I really need to finish. It is the 1, 2, 3, Top Down sweater from Cabin Fever for my grandson. He's probably going to outgrow it before it's done since winter is over around here.
I am also working on the Gentle Breeze Tee from Fiber Trends in a red Wildflower mixed with Panda Cotton very nice results. I will post a picture soon.
I just received The Knitter's Book of Yarn by Ckara Parkes. What a wealth of knowledge! It is definitely a must have for anyone working with fibers, it's a great investment. It addresses just about any question one might have about different types of yarns in a language anyone can understand.
I've designed 4 baby hats inspired by Kristin Nicholas and Susan B. Anderson. Now I need to convert my notes to finished patterns. That is the part I don't like. But I will have them on Etsy soon.
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