Sunday, June 29, 2008

Charity Knitting

Itty-Bitty Raverly Group Charity for June is the Preemie Project for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.
Any time I have a second I try to knit a preemie hat. I plan on mailing them to our Hostess by Tuesday. This project is dear to me since I have used the services of the Hospital for my grandson who was born with Club Feet. My family and I drove to Iowa for my his treatments. His first visit to Dr. Ponseti was when he was 10 days old,and he will be 7 years old in August. It was a difficult time and now I can barely remember the stress. Yesterday I went to his last tee-ball game. I've watched him play soccer, run the bases, and he has speed and even though it was a great sacrifice to make these trips weekly, it is worth it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cotton Swap

Sandra and I met yesterday in Indy and swapped. We had a really nice time. We went to Mass Ave. Knits and Broadripple Knits and then had lunch. It was great to meet her. Here is a picture of my loot. I love it! My own Ravelry Bag, and 10 skeins of Garn Studio Muskat soft yarn. Love it! And souvenirs from Sweeden: Chocolate(um um good, Sweedish Moose Keychain, Sheep Keychain, A really neat stitch holder, knitting marking pins, and point protectors. I've already been looking at patterns to figure out what I wanted to make. Thanks Sandra, it was great to meet you!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fibers Nook Progress

Well, I've been busy contacting wholesalers and have managed to get my fibers nook it's on it's way. I purchased two display cases and have set them up at the gallery. I am starting small never know what could become of this. I will take a picture and post it later.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fiber Nook!

Oh My! oh My! The ArtWorks Gallery, of which I am a member, has approved to allow me to open a specialty corner. I am going to call it the Magic Fibers Nook or something like that. This was just something that was prompted by the closing of Danner's. I am also going to teach classes. Starting in July with a Coptic artist journal, beginner's scarf, a sampler of stitches in Sept., and needle felting in October Now it's time to stop, think and organize my ideas. What have I gotten myself into? Another Adventure...wherever it may lead.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mural Progress...

Tree Frog has gone up...

I blocked out cheetah and panther around the painted dresser. This dresser has birds on the sides so it really works great. I painted each one of my grandsons a dresser when they were born.

Progress is slow but I have all summer to finish.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mural Started

Grandson #1's forest mural is started. He saw the snake yesterday after camp and his eyes lit up. I love the color on macaws so they had to go up. I just don't know where the monkey is going to go. I drew a cheetah and a panther on the bottom and he will help me with that today. I still need to add details to the animals.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Hats and Mural Design

I am officially done at school. My classroom is packed and waiting for the construction workers to come in and do what they need to do. I was in on Monday and finished putting things away, turned off the lights, locked the door and decided not to worry or come back till August. It is not worth stressing over since I have no control over when they will be done.
So, it's time to rest and knit...
There seems to be an invasion of baby hats. I can't seem to stop making them.
I started with the regular beanie and have moved on to stripes.

Now they are growing into forms from nature...

It can is therapeutic to just knit stockinette forms but now...
inspiration and complicated designs.

But before I continue knitting I really need to go to my daughter's new house and paint two murals for my grandsons. I have already painted the walls, one room is green and one is blue, Off course we had to complicate things by asking them what color and what design they wanted. Her oldest(6 years old) wanted a bright blue room and he wants a forest on his mural wall. Interesting because when he was born I painted a dresser in an underwater scene. I guess that could be a pond in his forest. Her youngest son(3 years old) picked a bright green paint and he wants dinasours on his wall. I am just thankful he didn't pick star wars caracters, he loves them. So dinasours it is. The dresser I painted for him when he was born has an Alaskan animal scene. Polar bears, seals penguins etc... and how this all going to work I don't know. I am just going over to do the drawing this morning and let inspiration take over.

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